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Table View

All single data entries are stored in tables and can be filtered in multiple ways.


You can filter your table view and refine your search results by following methods:

  1. All-Button (if available): Choose a specific attribute via Dropdown button e.g. catchment or country → Location cat.png
  2. Sheet tabs: Every data category has different subdivisions. Choose one to receive data only from that tab.
  3. Use the map, e.g. drawing a bounding box to refine your search results or select an entry directly.
  4. Text filter in table header. Type in words or letters to filter by text. For more options see:
Text Filter Options:
Sort possibilities.png
  1. Subsets of search term: Click on 100px to choose property of subset
  2. Sort resulting columns from A-Z or Z-A by clinking on arrow up or down
  3. Clear search value

Data Entry

Here is an example entry for a station:


  1. Map: Visualize the entry on the map
  2. Sheet tabs: Every data entry has different subdivisions. Choose one to receive data only from that tab, e.g. spatially in the Map.
  3. Edit or Delete the entry by clicking on Pen2.png for editing or Delete.png for deleting the entry.

Exporting Data Entries

At the end of each list, the options for exporting data from table view are shown. Click on icon to use them:

Export Data

Exporting Data

  1. Export as CSV
  2. Export as full CSV (incl. all metadata)
  3. Export spatial information as shape files
  4. Create a permanent link storing your search request
  5. Add/ Remove columns from table view
→ Use + and - to add or remove a column from table view:
Exporting Data

Editing Data Entries

  • User login is necessary.
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