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Notice: solar radiation must be present in daily resolution and in units of [MJ / m² d]

1 W = 1 J/s

1 W/m² = 1 J/m²/s

1 MJ = 1 000 000 J

For example, if data is available in W/m², one has to calculate:

MJ/m²d = W/m² * (86 400)/1 000 000


sunWeights: substitute the component by solRadWeights -> rename component and adjust attributes/values


CatchmentResetter: substitute the context attribute sunh by solRad


sunhDataReader: substitute the component by solRadDataReader -> rename component and adjust attributes/values


sunhRegionalizer: substitute the component by solRadRegionalizer -> rename component and adjust attributes/values

CalcDailySolarRadiation: delete the component!

CalcDailyNetRadiation: link solRad context attribute (“HRULoop.solRad“)

CalcRefET: if necessary integrate the component among the CalcDailyNetRadiation component -> leave the solRad context attribute blank (as well as the extRad context attribute)

SpatialWeightedSumAggregator (weighted with areaweight): at value and sum substitute sunh by SolRad


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