Release notes version 3.9_03

Improvements to JAMS Components

  • added/fixed components for simple artithmetics in jams.components.calc: DoubleAdd, DoubleSubstract, DoubleMultiply, DoubleDivide

Improvements to JAMS Worldwind

  • fixed a bug in Worldwind classifier

Release notes version 3.9_00/01/02

Improvements to JAMS Components

  • added new component jams.components.aggregate.LongTermAggregation for calculating long-term sums or averages
  • added new component jams.components.gui.CategoryPlot that creates a graphical plot of category data, e.g. to compare attributes of different model entities
  • added various components for SMDI/ETDI calculation (
  • added component jams.components.calc.EventCounter that allows counting the occurrence of certain states in a model (e.g. SMDI < -3.5)
  • fixed minor bug in jams.components.gui.CategoryPlot

Updated J2K example model

  • added components for long-term temporal aggregation and output
  • added components for Shapefile output of results
  • replaced efficiency calculation component by more versatile version
  • added category plots for efficiencies and water balance

Improvements to JAMS Optas

  • addeed optas.sampler.FileListSampler that allows sampling over a list of given parameter values read from a file
  • fixed minor bug in Efficiency Configurator

Improvements to JAMS Main

  • added option to use minutely time steps


Release notes version 3.7_00

New and updated components

added components to calculate Soil Moisture Deficit Index (SMDI) and Evapotranspiration Deficit Index (ETDI) (see jams.components.indices in jams-components library)

added function to output the impact of indivudual stations within the Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) regionalization approach, e.g. as XY-plot or as map

Minor bug fixes

  • fixed GUI errrors in WorldWind
  • fixed GUI error in Data Explorer (JADE)

Release notes version 3.4_00

Improvements in the JAMS Model Builder (JUICE):

  • functions for remote simulation including
    • running models on remote servers
    • browsing remote workspaces/jobs
    • synchronizing remote and local workspaces

Improvements in the JAMS Data Explorer (JADE):

  • functions for easily transferring parameter optimization results to models

Release notes version 3.2_00

Improvements in the JAMS Model Builder (JUICE):

  • display of component attribute default values, units and descriptions

Added components to the jams-components repository:

  • component for performing Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) on time series data (jams.components.analysis.EMD)
  • component that applies Local Kriging for spatial data interpolation using JGrassGears library (jams.components.interpolation.RegionalisationLocalKriging)

Release notes version 3.1_00

This version brings some new features for the JAMS Data Explorer (JADE):

  • new filter function for time step selection
  • improved aggregator options
  • area weighting also for cross-product calculation
  • better copy/paste support for spreadsheet data

For the WorldWind viewer, the following functions were added:

  • area weighting / unit conversion for data to be visualized
  • improved opacity control for polygon outlines (including complete removal of outlines)
  • detailed information for individual entities with time-series plotting function

Release notes version 3.0_03

Minor updates:

  • updated WorldWind libraries for better performance
  • fixed minor bug in aggregation functions for spatio-temporal output datastores
  • fixed bug in TemporalSumAggregator (month filters)
  • Added MODIS ET reader components that allow to use MODIS global terrestrial evapotranspiration data for hydrological modelling
  • updated Netbeans projects, build scripts and starter scripts
  • improved installer with Java version check