Release notes version 3.12

New J2K Components

  • org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateRegionalization is lapse rate components, taking into account distance to stations, missing data and yearly or monthly lapse rates
  • org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateAdaptation can be used in combination with the IDW regionalization to apply a lapse rate approach in the interpolated climatic variable. For this purose, IDW can now output the average (weighted) elevation of the source stations. This elevation can then be used in LapseRateAdaptation to adapt the IDW result according to the elevation difference between the HRU and the source station elevations
Revision 01:
  • added lower/upperĀ  boundary options to org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateRegionalization and org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateAdaptation
Revision 02:
  • fixed bug in org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateRegionalization and org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateAdaptation

Release notes version 3.11_00

Improvements to JAMS

  • added dependencies to run under Java 9 and above

New JAMS Components

  • added support for R integration
  • added components for calculation of indicators (package jams.components.indices), e.g.
    • Indicators of Hydrological Alteration (IHA)
    • Various precipitation indicators including Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI)


Release notes version 3.9_03

Improvements to JAMS Components

  • added/fixed components for simple artithmetics in jams.components.calc: DoubleAdd, DoubleSubstract, DoubleMultiply, DoubleDivide

Improvements to JAMS Worldwind

  • fixed a bug in Worldwind classifier

Release notes version 3.9_00/01/02

Improvements to JAMS Components

  • added new component jams.components.aggregate.LongTermAggregation for calculating long-term sums or averages
  • added new component jams.components.gui.CategoryPlot that creates a graphical plot of category data, e.g. to compare attributes of different model entities
  • added various components for SMDI/ETDI calculation (
  • added component jams.components.calc.EventCounter that allows counting the occurrence of certain states in a model (e.g. SMDI < -3.5)
  • fixed minor bug in jams.components.gui.CategoryPlot

Updated J2K example model

  • added components for long-term temporal aggregation and output
  • added components for Shapefile output of results
  • replaced efficiency calculation component by more versatile version
  • added category plots for efficiencies and water balance

Improvements to JAMS Optas

  • addeed optas.sampler.FileListSampler that allows sampling over a list of given parameter values read from a file
  • fixed minor bug in Efficiency Configurator

Improvements to JAMS Main

  • added option to use minutely time steps


Release notes version 3.7_00

New and updated components

added components to calculate Soil Moisture Deficit Index (SMDI) and Evapotranspiration Deficit Index (ETDI) (see jams.components.indices in jams-components library)

added function to output the impact of indivudual stations within the Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) regionalization approach, e.g. as XY-plot or as map

Minor bug fixes

  • fixed GUI errrors in WorldWind
  • fixed GUI error in Data Explorer (JADE)

Release notes version 3.4_00

Improvements in the JAMS Model Builder (JUICE):

  • functions for remote simulation including
    • running models on remote servers
    • browsing remote workspaces/jobs
    • synchronizing remote and local workspaces

Improvements in the JAMS Data Explorer (JADE):

  • functions for easily transferring parameter optimization results to models

Release notes version 3.2_00

Improvements in the JAMS Model Builder (JUICE):

  • display of component attribute default values, units and descriptions

Added components to the jams-components repository:

  • component for performing Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) on time series data (jams.components.analysis.EMD)
  • component that applies Local Kriging for spatial data interpolation using JGrassGears library (jams.components.interpolation.RegionalisationLocalKriging)