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The Tutorial applying the J2000 model has been prepared to use the model for hydrological system analysis of a river catchment. This tutotrial describes the preparation of model parameter files and input data. In addition, all the calibration parameters used in the model are described in detail, along with their dynamics and influences in hydrograph. A test dataset of the Dudh Kosi river basin have been provided along with the tutorial. Users can use the test data to get familiar with the model application. At the same time, they can prepare their own dataset to simulate the hydrological behavior of any catchment by following this tutorial.

The Tutorial for Basic Users explains first steps for using JAMS/J2000. The main focus is the J2000/JAMS system and its application in the context of process models which differ in their complexity.

For model creators the Tutorial for Advanced Users has been developed. The main focus lies on presenting the system's potential and explaining the capability of constructing and implementing your own problem-adapted models in JAMS on the basis of existing process components.

The Tutorial for Model Developers addresses developers who want to develop new process components and corresponding models by using the JAMS API.

Remote Sensing

ILMSimage is a software system for object-based analysis and classification of digital imagery as it is needed e.g. as input for hydrological modelling. ILMSimage is integrated into the user interface of QuantumGIS. The ILMSImage for QuantumGIS tutorial provides a guided progress along the essential steps in the process chain.

User of the older Version 2.3 of ILMSimage will find a different tutorial here

HRU delineation

GRASS-HRU is a software that allows to easily delineate hydrological response units (HRUs) which form the spatial modelling entities for all simulation models of the J2000 model family. GRASS-HRU comes pre-packaged including a virtual applicance containg processing component based on GRASS-GIS and a Quantum-GIS (QGIS) component including a graphical assistant that guides users trough the steps of HRU delineation. The following tutorial gives an overview of the required steps of installing and using GRASS-HRU.

The web-based version of the GRASS-HRU tool - named HRUweb - can be found here:

Modelling FAQ

River Basin Information System

The Okavango Basin Information System (OBIS) is a web-based data management and dissemination platform that is being developed within the research project The Future Okavango (TFO) (see also http://www.future-okavango.org). This tutorial aims on giving OBIS users an overview of general features and describes how to use them in a step-by-step fashion.

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