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Model Documentation

(Hydrological) Models which have been created using JAMS/J2000 consist of various model components. The documentation software JAMS-Doc which has been integrated into the JAMS-Builder automatically creates a complete model documentation. As input variables it uses the model's description in *.xml format which is automatically loaded within the JAMS_Builder. It contains information on the model's structure, the model components which have been used and the model parametrization; this information is to be extracted. In addition, the JAMS and model libraries have to be available in order to read the information about components from the source code. The software automatically generates a complete model documentation.

Softwaredokumentation en.png

First, JAMS-Doc creates Docbook files for every component which has been used in the model. Those files will be combined to a model documentation in the final step. It contains the following information:

  • Metadata (name of the model, author, modification date)
  • Table of contents
  • Short model description
  • structure of the model
  • component documentation of components used in the model
  • model parameters applied and their values
  • References

You can document your model as follows:

1. Open the JAMS-Builder.

1.Schritt ModellDokumentation en.png

2. Load the model which is to be documented.

2.Schritt ModellDokumentation en.png

3. The loaded model has been shown.

3.Schritt ModellDokumentation en.png

4. Select the item Model and the sub-item Generate Model Documentation.

4.Schritt ModellDokumentation en.png

5. Your model documentation will be generated and saved as *.xml and *.pdf file in the directory Documentation in the workspace directory (model directory containing all relevant information on the implementation of the model). Additionally, the documentations of all components used and the model paramter directory are in folder Documentation as *xml.

5.Schritt ModellDokumentation en.png

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