SASSCAL PORTAL: Getting Started

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Starting the SASSCAL Portal

  • Open your web browser
  • Go to SASSCAL Data Portal
  • Register for a new user account here
  • After your account has been activated, please log in here
  • Now let's explore the menu!

Quick Menu Structure

The menu is subdivided into following functional sections:

  1. User account settings → do user log in and manage account here
  2. Global Search: considers all categories. Click on Global icon.png to use it.
  3. Detailed Operations: search, browse, add, edit or export data within a certain category. Click on Detail icon.png to show/hide this menu.

SASSCAL Data Portal frontpage

User Account Settings



  1. Report: lists the latest activities in the SASSCAL Portal
  2. Managing Account Data: Status and information about your account
  3. User login
  4. Register for a new account
  5. Choose language

User Account

A user account is required for any data modification or in case restricted datasets shall be accessed. For most standard operations like data exploration and download, an user account is not needed.

Register for an account here.

Log in your account here.

Login field

Managing Account Data

Edit your user settings e.g. your account metadata by clicking on User metadata edit.png:

User metadata.png

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