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OBIS offers the function to store scenario data in the database. By default three IPCC Special Report on Emission Scenarios (SRES) are implemented, namely A1B, A2, B1. These scenarios have been considered in the BRAHMATWINN project (BrahmaRBIS) and have been taken over to the OBIS. It is easy to add other scenarios to the database.

"Scenarios are alternative images of how the future might unfold and are an appropiate tool with which to analyze how driving forces may influence future emission outcomes and to assess the asociated uncertainties. They assist in climate change analysis, including climate modeling and the assessment of impacts, adaptation and mitigation" (IPCC 2000).

OBIS Scenario.png

It is possible to link IPCC scenario indicator values to the scenarios, e.g. projected/ simulated time series. Further documents for download can be attached.

OBIS Scenario metadata.png

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