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OBIS offers the function to store indicator values in the database. After clicking "Indicators" in the menu on the left an overview of all indicator sets appears. The list contains the name of the indicator, it's dimension and DPSIR component. On the bottom of the table you have the possibility to export the table as CSV.

OBIS Indicator.png

The dimension of one indicator is "Social", "Environmental" or "Economic". DPSIR is a causal framework for describing the interactions between society and the environment. It is a framework which has been adopted by the European Environment Agency.

The components of this model are:

  • Driving forces
  • Pressures
  • States
  • Impacts
  • Responses

"The DPSIR represents a systems analysis view: social and economic developments exert pressure on the environment and, as a consequence, the state of the environment changes. This leads to impacts on e.g. human health, ecosystems and materials that may elicit a societal response that feeds back on the driving forces, on the pressures or on the state or impacts directly, through adaptation or curative action" (EEA 2007).

By clicking on "Details" you get access to metadata information and documents for download.

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