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Station dataset

Station description

Station meta.jpg

Station name
The name of the station should be unique. If there is no real name available (e.g. in case of virtual stations) number your stations or use the coordinates for an unambiguous identification.


Station identifier
Identifier of the local measurement network.

Station location
The coordinates can be in any spatial reference system, but common ones (e.g. UTM or geographic coordinate system) are easier to handle in international projects. The list of available Spatial Reference Systems via PostGIS is based on the PROJ.4 library for converting geospatial data to different coordinate reference systems. If one is missing in the selection list contact the RBIS administrator (guideline for admin).

All countries or states can be displayed here. If one is missing in the list contact the RBIS administrator (guideline for admin).

Station type and feature

Add a station type after the creation of your station meta-data:

  1. Switch to the edit-mode of your dataset.
  2. Add one or more stations types ([Add]).
    Station feature add.jpg
  3. Add additional information (e.g. depth and diameter of a bore hole)
    Station feature val.jpg

Link to map

As long stations are described by coordinates together with their spatial reference system stations can be automatically displayed in a map.

The target layer or layers will be defined by rules, which have to be pre-defined by the RBIS administrator in the underlying XML-file. For example the rule can define to put all stations with the station type "precipitation" in one layer. Since SQL is used to define these rules more complex conditions are easy to implement (e.g. all stations with associated time series data with maximum temperature between 1990 and 2000).

To use this function the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  1. Coordinates and spatial reference system is given
  2. Pre-defined rule in the XML-file (guideline for admin to create layer)
  3. Existing layer (guideline for admin to create layer)
  4. Add layer to one or more maps ( add layer)

Station map.png

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