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Import or Upload?

The recommended procedure - import or upload - depends on the file size, type and content:


  • small size (< 5MB), relevant and displayable information (e.g. boundaries, infrastructure, result data, ...) -> Import
  • big size (> 5Mb), for presenting not relevant or not displayable in the web -> Upload

geo-referenced JPEG or TIFF:

  • small size (< 1MB), displayable in the web -> Import
  • big size (> 1MB), non-displayable (mostly in case of TIFF-files) -> Upload

Raster data:

  • relevant information for presentation (e.g. landuse, elevation, ...) should be imported as geo-referenced JPEG and the raw data uploaded as file
  • big datasets (e.g. satellite images) -> Upload

Independent of the import way it is very useful to add an image as preview (e.g. map, ...).

Import & Create meta-data

Map import.jpg

Create meta-data & Upload

Map upload.jpg

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