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User and permission management

All access to RBIS data is controlled by a fine-grained user and permission management. It is based on permission groups, actions (view, edit, delete) and data types (e.g. time series data or geo-data)*.

Multi-language support

Parts of RBIS can be displayed in other languages. Planned languages are English, German, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Spanish.


Information about data manipulation activities (activity, new data, time, IP and user) and occurred errors are logged in order to ensure transparency, simplify the processing of support requests and allow the generation of activity reports.*

Help system

An online help system gives detailed information about the meaning of dataset attributes in RBIS. This also includes information about formats of the corresponding field or a list and description of all possible attributes in a given selection list.*

Template system

All RBIS forms can be saved as a template for later use. This significantly reduces the effort to add and upload new data, especially if datasets differ only slightly.*

Search via map

All spatially referenced datasets can be automatically displayed on a map. For example a climate station can be displayed in the climate stations layer on a map (Figure 3). A reversed search starting at a certain point, polygon or layer in a map is also possible and leads the user directly to the associated metadata and dataset.*

Search via attribute values

The user can search via the attribute values of each data type.*


  • Automatic login
  • Interlink between datasets
  • Definable global date format
  • Definable global number of datasets per page
  • User registration

(*source: Zander MODSIM 2012 ...)

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