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Download/Installation of GRASS-HRU

Downloading the Virtual Appliance and the QGIS-Plugin

The following files should be downloaded from

  • grass-hru.ova [~550 MB] - contains the virtual machine for VirtualBox, required in the following section
  • - QGIS plug-in


Installing the VirtualBox

Installation von VirtualBox

The derivation of HRUS with GRASS-GIS, which will be explained below, requires a virtualization software which hosts a linux system and all software and scripts needed. VirtualBox should be used - the current version 4.x can be downloaded at The wizard leads you through the steps of the installation process. It should be noted that:

  • a temporary deactivation of the network connection is necessary and therefore not unusual
  • all necessary drivers should be installed

After a successful installation VirtualBox can be launched and the import of a preconfigured hard disk image can start:

  1. Datei -> Appliance importieren
  2. Load the Appliance (see above) under Auswählen (file grass-hru.ova)
    Import app.jpg

  3. Apply the imported configuration of the Appliance and end the import process with Abschließen
    Import app 2.jpg

  4. The appliance is being imported...
    Import app 3.jpg

  5. ...and will be available through an entry in the VirtualBox main window (GRASS-HRU 1.0)
    Import app 4.jpg

Installing QuantumGIS 1.7

Installation von QunatumGIS
The current version of QuantumGIS is available at The Standalone Installer is recommended - the download address for version 1.7 is

Please note: For the HRU derivation the GRASS plug-in for QuantumGIS is not required but it is included in the installer version >= 1.6. As an alternative, the installer version 1.4 of QuantumGIS can be used, which does not install a GRASS plug-in and therefore reduces the filesize. (

Installing the Plug-in

To install the actual plug-in for HRU derivation in QuantumGIS the following steps have to be followed:

  1. Unzip the zip archive, which has been dowloaded (see above), into the plug-in file of QuantumGIS. According to the QuantumGIS version the folder is called
    • ../QuantumGIS/python/plugins or
    • ../QuantumGIS/apps/qgis/python/plugins
  2. start QuantumGIS
  3. Plugins -> Plugins verwalten
    Qgis plugin 2.jpg

  4. Search for HRU WPS-Client in the QGIS Plugin Manager, activate it and confirm with Ok
    Qgis plugin.jpg

  5. The tool for HRU derivation can be started by using a separate button in the menu bar
    Qgis plugin 3.png


Before starting the HRU derivation, the following steps have to be completed:

  1. Run the newly created Virtual Appliance with the name "GRASS-HRU" by double-clicking on the corresponding entry on the VirtualBox window (or the button "Starten"). The following boot process in a separate window has to be carried out completely and can be minimized when the login prompt appears (donot close!). The virtual machine is working in the background during the whole HRU derivation process.
    Start app 1.jpg
    Please note: By entering http://localhost:8080 in the address bar of the internet browser you can check if the virtual machine has been successfully started and if a connection with the machine is possible. A website containing the words "It works!" should appear.
  2. Click on Extras -> Netzlaufwerk verbinden in the Windows explorer and enter it as file http://localhost:8080/grasshru. Additionally, you can choose a free hard disk letter, e.g. Z:. When finished, open the configuration file ../plugins/hruwps/grass-hru.cfg and edit device in webdav section according to your chosen drive letter

    All input data should now be stored in this folder. The existing subfolder /gehlberg contains example data for input and result layers. New subfolders for the required input data can be created in the new network folder.
  3. Now the plug-in can be started from QuantumGIS. In order to do so, start QuantumGIS and click on the GRASS-HRU-Icon (see above) - the plug-in for HRU derivation opens. By clicking on the magnifying glass to the right of the address bar a message on successful connection should appear.
    Grass hru 1.jpg

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