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Old Releases

A full list of current and old JAMS releases can be found here.

Release notes version 3.12

New J2K Components

  • org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateRegionalization is lapse rate components, taking into account distance to stations, missing data and yearly or monthly lapse rates
  • org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateAdaptation can be used in combination with the IDW regionalization to apply a lapse rate approach in the interpolated climatic variable. For this purose, IDW can now output the average (weighted) elevation of the source stations. This elevation can then be used in LapseRateAdaptation to adapt the IDW result according to the elevation difference between the HRU and the source station elevations
Revision 01:
  • added lower/upperĀ  boundary options to org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateRegionalization and org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateAdaptation
Revision 02:
  • fixed bug in org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateRegionalization and org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.LapseRateAdaptation