Release notes version 3.1_00

This version brings some new features for the JAMS Data Explorer (JADE):

  • new filter function for time step selection
  • improved aggregator options
  • area weighting also for cross-product calculation
  • better copy/paste support for spreadsheet data

For the WorldWind viewer, the following functions were added:

  • area weighting / unit conversion for data to be visualized
  • improved opacity control for polygon outlines (including complete removal of outlines)
  • detailed information for individual entities with time-series plotting function

Release notes version 3.0_03

Minor updates:

  • updated WorldWind libraries for better performance
  • fixed minor bug in aggregation functions for spatio-temporal output datastores
  • fixed bug in TemporalSumAggregator (month filters)
  • Added MODIS ET reader components that allow to use MODIS global terrestrial evapotranspiration data for hydrological modelling
  • updated Netbeans projects, build scripts and starter scripts
  • improved installer with Java version check

Release notes version 3.0_01

Minor changes in component package structure

  • moved core components Context, TemporalContext and SpatialContext to jams-components.jar library (package jams.components.core)
  • added function to automatically adapt existing models to reflect these changes
  • fixed minor issues in documentation generator
  • minor improvements in JAMS Builder GUI

Release notes version 3.0b26

JAMS file association

When using the automatic Windows installer, JAMS model files (*.jam) are automatically associated to the JAMS Launcher, allowing to quickly load a model by double-clicking the file.

Separation of JAMS platform libraries and component libraries

JAMS platform libraries are now strictly separated from component libraries. This is reflected by a new sub-directory named components within your JAMS installation which by default includes all your component libraries. Of course, it is still possible to include component libraries from every directory on your computer by defining individual library locations in your JAMS settings.