Release notes version 3.14

New Model Components

  • org.unijena.j2k.inputData.RecalcLanduseStateVars
    • recalculation of landuse state variables during simulation, e.g. for landuse changes
  • org.unijena.j2k.topology.ReachSubbasin, org.unijena.j2k.topology.SubbasinArea,
    • extraction of all HRUs belonging to a reach subbasin as a list
    • calculation of the area of a reach subbasin
  • jams.components.indices.SnowLine
    • calculation of snow line elevation

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • minor bug fixes and improvement to the JAMS runtime system and GUI

Revision 01

  • major bug fix in the J2K_Gehlberg example model: incorrect parallelization config caused varying and wrong spatially aggregated model results