Release notes version 3.13

New Example Model

A new J2K hydrological model for the Dudh Koshi River Basin with all required data and additional components for glacier processes simulation is available in the data folder. Thanks to Santosh Nepal from ICIMOD/Kathmandu for providing this dataset!

New Model Components

  • org.unijena.j2k.regionalisation.Regionalisation_IDW is a component that implements interpolation based on Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) with the following improvements:
    • Intergrating all required functionality in one component without an additional initialization component, it allows to streamline and simplify model structure.
    • In addition to data interpolation, it allows to calculate and output information about average station distance and station elevation difference at each time step, provoding improved insight into the spatial and temporal distribution of station information density.
  • allows to extract single components from a date object
  • allows to collect double scalar(s) into double array(s)
  • jams.components.indices.SPICalc, jams.components.indices.DataColllector and jams.components.indices.DateCollector are components for calculation of Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) and for collecting respective precip and calendar values
  • jams.components.calc.DoubleArrayMultiply allow to multiply elements in a double array with one or many double values
  • allows to detect changes in a component of a date object and thus to perform actions at certain time periods (e.g. monthly, yearly in a daily model)

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • added support for Datastore outputs of TemporalNestedContext
  • minor bug fixes and improvement to the JAMS runtime system and GUI

Revision 01

  • minor fixes in the Dudh Koshi example model