Hello JAMS

In the last weeks the JAMS framework were extended by some new exciting functions. The JAMS-Cloud feature was introduced to the JAMS Component Editor (JUICE) and the JAMS Data Explorer (JADE). These functions offers remote model simulation within the JAMS-Cloud. Additionally, very useful components are constantly added to the JAMS component repository (e.g. a component for arbitrary aggregation of temporal data).

The JAMSBlog will inform developers, modelers and model users and people interested in the JAMS framework about new functions and components. Small tutorials will show how to use those functions and components. The blog will give best practices to solve frequent problems and it will present interesting applications and discussions.

If you like to see a specific issue in this blog, please let me know. If you want to contribute to this blog with your own JAMS experiences, it’s highly appreciated.


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